Delight your senses


Chocolate Mud Cake & Whisky Ganache

Spend the afternoon at the historic Bothwell estate indulging in a glorious slice of chocolate mud cake layered with whisky ganache, thanks to Kim Bleathman the lady that whips up the delights at the estate.

It’s the cake that whisky dreams are made of dark chocolate, a splash of whisky (possibly more than a splash) and coffee accompanied by mixed berries drenched in blackberry whisky. Of course, there is more to this slice of heaven, but these are the show stoppers. A little side note about the blackberry whisky, distiller Blair Whitehead is actually the creator, not only does he distil whisky but he also possesses some serious cooking talent.

Kim lives in Bothwell and is the Restaurant Manager at the Nant Estate and has been creating the legendary chocolate mud cake with Nant Tasmanian Highland Single Malt Whisky ganache for visitors far and near.

“I have been in the hospitality industry for around  24 years. From front of house, kitchen and even a house made... I have a partner and 2 children and I’ve been working here at Nant for a little over 2 years couldn't think of a better place to be!!!” – Kim Bleathman

whisky cake.jpg