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Islay Whisky Decanter and Glass Set

Islay Whisky Decanter and Glass Set

The whisky decanter has long been a familiar prop in TV shows and movies used to add the air of importance to a scene where vital business affairs or crucial matters of state are being discussed. The crystal whisky decanter was also a favourite at home with a set of matching tumblers to add to the experience.

However, how is the decanter fairing today in competition with product placements in tv shows and movies where the bottle must be seen, or the rise of the custom designed bottles and labels to rival the beauty of the decanter.

Here we present two articles that argue the case for the decanter.

  1. Are whisky decanters making a comeback by Ian Wisniewski posted on presents an overview of the history of the decanter and why they were popular and could be again ?

  2. 5 Reasons to Own a Scotch Decanter posted in The Scotch Journal gives 5 advantages of a decanter and selection of favourite types.