Famous Fictional Whisky Drinkers

Credit:   Michael Yarish  /  AMC

Credit: Michael Yarish/AMC

Whisky has been enjoyed by some famous fictional characters.  For some, it was an occasional drink for others it was a way of life. We have found two articles that highlight some of the famous characters and the stories in which they appeared.

In the article - Five Fictional Whisky Fans & Their Favourite Drams - http://bit.ly/FiveFictional posted on  www.whiskyshop.com  Joseph Pettigrew lists 5 characters and their favourite whisky.

In the article - Fictional Whiskey: Great Scenes of Literary Imbibing – http://bit.ly/LiteraryImbibing posted on www.thewhiskywash.com Katelyn Best presents the drinking habits of both the author and their fictional characters. Showing how the authors preferred dram was sometimes also shared with their fictional characters.