The Nant Distillery is growing and the future is bright!


The Nant Distillery Upgrade

It’s an exciting time to be part of the distillery at the moment, upgrades have taken place and the team of four distillers Jack, Blair, Bec and Scott have welcomed the developments with open arms.  

Head distiller Jack Sellers shares with us the teams experience creating Nant’s exceptional single malt whisky in the newly renovated facility:

“The main purpose of the upgrades to the existing distillery were to increase the amount of spirit we can produce. The aim was to go from 800L a week to 1400L a week. The main limiting factor was the lack of fermenters, or washbacks, to produce wash which is then distilled into our spirit. At Nant we let our wash ferment for 6-7 days so we needed 2 extra washbacks.

We also moved our mashtun, which is the first step in producing our wash, from the old mill and put it into the distillery building. Before we would have to manually lift 500kg of grain into the mashtun using 30kg bags of malt. Now we have an auger that can lift it in directly. Emptying the mashtun used to involve wheelbarrows going around the old mill building where as now we can drop it directly into a trough and take it to the waiting cows in the paddock.

There is now a raised gantry that allows access to the mashtun, 6 washbacks and the new control board. This allows us to monitor everything much more easily and gives us greater control over temperature and flow rates.

Safety has also been improved with the installation of compliant electrical equipment, sensors, alarms and a forced ventilation system to prevent the buildup of any alcohol vapour in the distillery building.

All of these additions allow the distillers more time and energy to focus on the production of the wort, wash, spirit and ultimately the whisky too.

The team are really happy with the upgrades. It has made the whole process so much easier and will let us work on the consistency and quality of our spirit. Mostly, they are happy about not having to carry 500kg of malt upstairs everyday in the old mill. It’s great to work in one of, if not, the most up to date distilleries in Tasmania.”

Photo credit: Lidia Trogrlic and Blair Whitehead