Is Whisky Ageing Faster in Warmer Climates?

Nant Barrels

Craft single malt whisky produced in warmer climates are gaining a great reputation and adding to the selection of whiskies to enjoy. We present 2 great articles we found that cover many of the key points and our head distiller shares the Nant experience on how the unique location of the Nant distillery and climate influences the crafting of Nant whisky.

In his article “How time and place can impact the flavour of your favourite whisky” Luke McCarthy looks at how whiskies from Tasmania and mainland Australia are successfully challenging Old World Whiskies with their unique flavours and faster maturation due to their location and warmer climates.

In his article “Why Taiwan Is Poised to Conquer the Whisky World” Jake Eman @ManTalkFood reviews multi award winning Taiwanese whisky Kavalan and Ian Chang, Kavalan's master blender, talks about the effect Taiwan’s hot climate has on whisky aging.


Nant Distiller Experience

“ At the Nant distillery climate plays a very important role in the maturation of our whisky. Our whisky is produced in a Scottish style but the maturation has more similarities to traditional Bourbon and whiskey producers in America. Overall we have much warmer and drier summers compared to Scotland, sometimes highs of 40 degrees, and it is during this time that we have the highest amount of interaction occurring with the wood of the casks. It is this interaction that produces all of the colour and between 60-70% of the final flavour.

We have even found that casks that receive direct sunlight during the day mature at a faster rate than ones in the same bondstore that do not.

The casks obviously have an important role in this and at Nant the vast majority of our casks are 100L or ‘quarter casks’. The smaller size increases the surface area for the spirit to interact and so aides the maturation rate.

Without these factors the maturation of Nant would be quite different and all add to the character and house style of our whiskies.” Jack Sellers, Nant Head Distiller.


  1. Think flavour not age

  2. Think different not better

  3. Try some and see what the buzz is about!