Meet Hamish our resident Scottish Highland Steer

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Hamish is a part of the Nant family who lives on the Nant Estate along side of Senior Distiller Blair Whitehead. Hamish enjoys a hot meal every day of delicious draff.

What is draff you ask? Draff is the name given to the spent malted barley used in the mashing stage of whisky production (keep an eye out for our future whisky production blog post). According to it represents, as a rule, about 25 per cent of the malt and unmalted cereals, if any, put into the mash-tun. Draff enjoys a large market as cattle food.

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Although Blair has extracted all the sugars from the malted barley during mashing the draff is still a rich source of digestible fibre and protein allowing this big boy to grow to well over 1300 kg.

Five Highland Cattle Facts:

  1. Country of Origin: Scotland

  2. Weight: Male: 800kg, Female: 500kg

  3. Height: Male: 106-120cm, Female: 90-106cm

  4. Highland cattle were first imported into Australia by the mid-19th century by Scottish migrants

  5. They have an unusual double coat of hair. On the outside is the oily outer hair - the longest of any cattle breed - covering a downy undercoat

Life on the Nant Estate wouldn’t be the same without Hamish Nant’s unofficial mascot.

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Photo credit: Daniel Taylor

*Five Highland Cattle Facts taken from wikipedia