History of the Popularity and Availability of Single Malt Whisky Around the World



History and Popularity

The history of the popularity and availability of single malt around the world seems to have two interesting points of view

The popular opinion is that single malt whisky was only available in Scotland until the 1960s. While blended whisky becoming incredibly popular from the late 1800s and available around the world in all English speaking countries. As described in the article by Tim Mckirdy in the article “The Surprisingly Short History of Single-Malt Scotch”.

However, the article “The Secret History of Single Malts” by Iain Russell argues that Single Malt whisky has had a steady following and been available around the world in English speaking countries from the late 1800s.

Today, without doubt, the demand for craft single malt whisky is booming around the globe and long may it continue.